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Nairobi Residents To Pay Hefty Fees To Keep Pet Dogs

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It will cost you KES 2,000/- every year to keep a dog in Nairobi! This is if a bill that is before the Nairobi City County Assembly is passed into law. The Bill, which is sponsored by Kayole South Member of County Assembly Elizabeth Manyala, also suggest that you will also be required to additionally with KES 1,000/-  for a special tag for your pet!

This is not all! The bill also wants to have any stray dog or one that does not bear a valid identification tag to be seized by authorized personnel from the Nairobi City County and their owners may get them back if they only pay a KES 5,000/- fine!

It seem to get worse for dog owners! “A person shall not keep any dog which barks, yelps, howls or whines for more than six accumulated minutes in an hour or more than three accumulated minutes in half an hour,” the Nairobi City County Dog Control and Welfare Bill, 2015 says.

All pet dogs in the city will be required to bear a tag collar that bear the inscription of its licence, the name and address of the pet’s owner who should also always ensure their dogs are always left under the care of a person at home.

The bill however is not intended only to spell doom to pet owners. The bill is also mainly aimed at to put a leash on the issue of stray dogs in the city

“Many people have suffered in silence at the hands of stray dogs and dogs that have owners who don’t take good care of them. We don’t want people losing their lives unnecessarily like what happened in Baba Dogo early this year when a security guard was mauled to death by dogs,”  Elizabeth Manyala told the Standard Newspaper.

The MCA also said her bill will not only protect the county residents from attacks from dogs, but also enable the county government to obtain the much-needed revenue from the fines and licensing fees. “People should be held responsible for their pets. When they get licences to keep the animals, they will be more responsible,” she said.

In March 2013, dogs attacked and killed a four-year-old girl and a man, in separate incidents in the country. Earlier this year, a pack of dogs also killed and ate a security guard in Baba Dogo.

Umoja has also been suffering from the stray dogs menace as some residents of Umoja 1 Estate in August 2015 had raised concerns about the rise in the number of stray dogs in the estate. The concern was raised during a public forum hosted by Embakasi West MP Hon. George Theuri and graced by area MCA George Maina, who promised the residents that he will have the County Dog Control Unit address the issue. 


It is vital as the bill states, that a person should not be allowed to keep a dog if his or her premises is not properly and adequately fenced to keep such a dog inside when it is not on leash, unless it is confined to the premises in some other manner, provided that such confinement is not inhumane. In addition, the bill also seek to allow residents to rear dogs only if their homes and premises are properly fenced to control their movement.

Dog lovers who also like walking around with their pets will not be spared either as the bill emphasizes that the animals must be on a leash all the time in public places.

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